Purchasing the Book

Traditional Print Version

Hardcover and softcover versions of the book are available by print-on-demand from Blurb.com.

eBook Version

  • Amazon.com (Kindle, File format: mobi):
  • Barnes & Noble (Nook, File format: epub):

The eBook possesses all of the illustrations and instruction of the traditional book. Because the original book has hundreds of illustrations and screenshots, it was impractical to publish it as one volume of an eBook. Either the quality of the graphics had to be compromised, or the number of images had to be reduced. Instead, the author elected to divide the original book into three volumes. This allowed him to optimize the illustrations for an electronic format, as well as include all original graphics.

The ordering of the step-by-step examples follows the sequence in the original book. Volume 1 provides the foundation for the instruction and includes all the principles, strategies, and techniques taught in the original book. Volumes 2 and 3 demonstrate step-by-step examples of drawing plan graphics using the principles, strategies, and techniques taught in Volume 1. All the examples in Volumes 2 and 3 are demonstrated using Adobe Photoshop. Volume 2 includes examples of functional graphics (circulation, focal point, prevailing winds, views, etc.) and master plan graphics of trees (deciduous, coniferous, palm, mass, etc.). Volume 3 includes examples of master plan graphics of shrubs, pools (reflecting, swimming), fountains, inverted shadows, and hatches (including turf, brick, concrete, flagstone, crushed rock, etc.).

The instruction is inherently illustrative. The eBook is only recommended for devices that support color and can display graphics at least 600 pixels in width.

Academic Version (CD)

If you are a teacher, professor, or student, an academic version of the book is available on compact disc (CD). This CD has a copy of the eBook in .mobi (Kindle) and .epub (Nook, iPad) formats. It also includes Adobe Photoshop source files for all the exercises at the end of the book.

The author can produce CDs in quantities of five or more, with a unit cost of $15.00 per CD. Shipping is additional. To purchase CDs, please contact the author directly (author@drawingplangraphics.com).