Carlyle Rood

About the Author

C. Carlyle Rood is a licensed landscape architect and a practicing software developer in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is the author of "Drawing Plan Graphics on the Computer" which earned the Award of Excellence from the American Society of Landscape Architects (Georgia Chapter) in 2010. His text has been used in college classrooms to teach landscape architecture students fundamental principles, strategies, and techniques for drawing on the computer.

At the invitation of the Student Chapter of the ASLA at Oklahoma State University, he conducted a two-day computer graphics workshop. Rather than lecturing on drawing technique, Mr. Rood introduced his drawing principles by having students actively complete many creative drawing exercises in Photoshop. Watching students learn to produce portfolio-quality computer graphics within forty-eight hours was tremendously encouraging, and affirmed for the author that his techniques were practical and effective for anyone interested in drawing plan graphics on the computer.

(Photo credit: Janice Sanborn)